Consistent bespoke quality at competitive prices.

What we do

  • Consultation and Planning
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Innovative software development
  • Professional translations
  • Maintenance and related services

Our expertise

  • Creative IT solutions
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Unparalleled user experience
  • Handling multilingual content
  • Progressive web applications

Why choose us

  • Quality and reliable software
  • Superfast websites
  • Comprehensive support system
  • Go global with our translations
  • Tailored to your business needs


Consultation & Design

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Coding & Testing

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Support & Maintenance

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Visual blueprint

Transforming your ideas into plans,personalised consultation and Mockups.

Latest Design

We use the most up to date tools to achieve the best UI/UX balance, and the most amazing graphic design.

Complete control

You will be able to test and view the final design prior to us building it, to ensure you are happy with every aspect of it.

Smart Coding

Well thought out, quality and logical code, on server and client side.

Latest Technology

We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure that speed and efficiency lives up to today’s requirements.

Comprehensive Support

We offer full support and maintenance on all our products, for seamless operation 24/7.

Codery - Highlighted references

Our Team

Our team consists of young experienced professionals who have all learned the trade at large international multinationals with a wealthy and diverse background.Overall we have over 15 years of experience across major sectors like Public sector, Oil & Gas, Technology, Finance and Translation services.

We have set up Codery to combine our experiences and create solutions for your business.

Kazmer Dome

Kazmer Dome

Founder, Lead Developer
Adam Idrissi

Adam Idrissi

Founder, Sales & Marketing

Contact, European Headquarters

51 stapley road Hove BN3 7FE, UK

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